Trevor Warren guitars, voice, production
Peter MacDonald mridungham, drums, percussion
Chris Garrick violins
Neil Craig tabla, percussion
Jonty Fisher bass



Deva is a collective of musicians from all corners of the world with a mutual aim to explore traditional elements of shared musical influences combining World, Jazz and Rock music.

"...Deva's mellifluous notes will soothe, excite and inspire...if this isn't made available to the general public soon it will be a crime against music."
BBC Asian Life

Deva at the Bell in Bath:

"Stunning musicianship and the imagination to take the traditional sounds a good deal further than the rest, this is one special band."

"Indian-flavoured jazz-inflected virtuosity which doesn't neglect the importance of great tunes (originals) and snappy rhythm. Probably the best playing you'll hear all month, featuring Trevor Warren (guitar) & Chris Garrick (violin) in particular."

"Visionary Indian-Jazz fusion with an electric edge, significantly better tunes than anyone else currently occupying that niche, and some superlative virtuoso playing"

Formed by guitarist Trevor Warren in 1998, they have recorded 3 albums, Earth, The Rainbow Sea, and now the long awaited third album Breathe featuring Ayub Ogada is out on Long Tale Recordings. Their music has been used in television, and they have performed throughout the UK including 2 concerts at the Glastonbury Festival in 2005. The sonic palette of this instrumental 5-piece is startling in its variety and vibrancy. Nylon string guitar, electric guitar, violin, electric violin, double and electric basses accent melodic and harmonic strands while tabla, jembe, mridungham plus a whole array of percussion demarcate rhythmic structures. The net result is a sound that soothes, tantalizes and inspires...



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