The long awaited third album, Breathe

Pictured above:
Kenyan Real World star Ayub Ogada and
vocalist Ranajana Ghatak who both feature on Breathe.





The long awaited third album, Breathe featuring Ayub Ogada is out now on Long Tale Recordings. An EP will be on sale at the forthcoming gigs in the UK (see Live Dates), with an option to buy the album at a reduced price with every purchase.

Track listing:
1. Breathe In
2. Ayub
3.Shakib's Birthday
4.For Kari
5. African Bluesman
9. Not Enough Time
10.Breathe Out

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The Rainbow Sea

1. The Rainbow Sea
2. Lietta
3. Trainsong
4. While I was there
5. New Moon
6. Freetown (for Eddie)
7. Cuppa Tea Luv?
9. Illusions


1. Maite
2. Easter
3. Valencia
4. WMD
5. Ramble off
6. Boxed
7. Earth
8. Tremors
9. Cut-up
10. Almost Full Moon

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